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Shadow Play
Stargate SG-1, episode 117 (6.7)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Richard Dean Anderson   IMDB   Colonel Jack O'Neill
Amanda Tapping   IMDB   Major Samantha Carter
Corin Nemec   IMDB   Jonas Quinn
Christopher Judge   IMDB   Teal'C
Don S. Davis   IMDB   Major General George S. Hammond
Guest Cast:
Teryl Rothery   IMDB   Doctor Janet Fraiser
Dean Stockwell   IMDB   Doctor Kieran
Doug Abrahams   IMDB   Commander Hale
Gillian Barber   IMDB   Ambassador Dreylock
Joel Swetow   IMDB   First Minister Valis
Rob Daly   IMDB   Resistance Leader
Gary Jones   IMDB   Sergeant Walter Harriman
Paul Schiele   IMDB   Kelownan Soldier
Jonathan Kralt   IMDB   Kelownan Soldier
Jason "Twitch" Calder   IMDB   Kelownan Soldier
Susie Wickstead   IMDB   Kelownan Aide
Peter Deluise   IMDB
Joseph Mallozzi   IMDB
Paul Mullie   IMDB
DVD   SG-1 DVD #27
A delegation arrives at the SGC from Jonas's home world. They want to make nice now (sorry about Daniel, no problem that you're sheltering a traitor) because the two other major-power countries on their planet are about to sign a nonaggression pact - which probably means they've decided to gang up on the country Jonas is from. But, unknown to the other countries, the Kelownans have finished building that naquadria bomb they were working on and successfully tested it. It made a really BIG bang, and the politicians are all really happy about that. They've decided that they're going to drop it on the other countries in a pre-emptive strike. This will, of course, mean war, so they want to make a deal with Earth for advanced weapons as they are not as technologically advanced as Earth. They offer more naquadria in exchange.
Hammond and O'Neill say no go on that. Before the Kelownans leave, Dr. Kieran, Jonas's old professor and mentor, approaches Jonas and asks for his help. Dr. Kieran and the other scientists have realized that using the bomb is a really bad idea. It is much more destructive than they thought it would be, and they've realized that they are on the brink of destroying their planet. Kieran wants Jonas to enlist his friends to support the resistance movement that is trying to stop the bomb from being used. Unfortunately, Dr Kieran is delusional due to working with the naquadria and things don't look good.
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