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The Other Side
Stargate SG-1, episode 68 (4.2)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Richard Dean Anderson   IMDB   Colonel Jack O'Neill
Amanda Tapping   IMDB   Major Samantha Carter
Michael Shanks   IMDB   Daniel Jackson
Christopher Judge   IMDB   Teal'C
Don S. Davis   IMDB   Major General George S. Hammond
Guest Cast:
Rene Auberjonois   IMDB   Alar
Anne Marie Loder   IMDB   Farrell
DVD   SG-1 DVD #14
The SGC is contacted by Alar, a representative of the planet Euronda. His people, who claim direct descent from Earth, are under attack and in need of help. General Hammond sends SG-1 on a humanitarian mission to deliver food and medical supplies. SG-1 arrives to find a civilization devastated by war - and a leader desperate to make a deal. In exchange for the heavy water they need to sustain their defensive fields, Alar is prepared to offer advanced Eurondan technology. O'Neill quickly agrees to the trade. Daniel, however, is suspicious that the Eurondans have not been completely honest about their agenda and sets out to discover the truth.
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